We deal with a variety of humidifiers such as, AprilAire and GeneralAire. The importance of having a humidifier in your home during the winter period is to add moisture throughout your home which benefits your skin, throat, dryness in nose and overall health. Proper humidification also preserves your homes valuables, such as your wood furniture and floors from splitting and cracking. Proper humidification also keeps the hot air at a comfort level lowering you heating bills. Speak to us on which model better suits your home. Our product and installation prices start from $250.00 


Furnace filters the most important maintenance your required to do for your home, for your health as well as your  family's and for your costly investments. Changing your filters regularly and using a good brand controls microscopic dust particles that float threw your air, that are most irritating to lung tissue. Having a proper filter controls these air particles as well as freshening the air in your home. Controlling the dust and keeping your furnace and air conditioning equipment running properly and reducing costly repairs. Speak to us in choosing the best filter for your home. Our higher brand Media filers that can be changed every  6 to 12 months. These filters are the highest standard filters for your whole home, controlling allergens, pollen, pet dander. dust mites, white dust, cooking odor and influenza. Contact us today for an estimate on these filters.