As a technician in the heating and air conditioning field and owner of the company, I take great pride in the workmanship during the installation process.  I strongly believe that the proper installation is a key factor for better performance of the equipment.

When selling a furnace or air conditioner I'm asked what is the best unit on the market, which brand is the best.  My answer to my customers is, there all good, as long as the equipment runs with fewest repairs and saves you money then it's good.  All furnaces and air conditioners function the same,  they come in different sizes and efficiency levels but the process is the same.  To say what brand is better I can't answer that being in business for 30 years I can only say, what brand works well for me and have been lucky with.  As a technician in the Hvac field I have found that some models experience more frequent problems but some are the cause of poor installation and poor workmanship.
Remember today's world it's all about electronics and as we well no, they all break down. To say that a furnace or air conditioner won't break down is false, we need a bit of luck to play in.  But as I mentioned what model and make has worked well for me I stick with so to me I’ll say the model I use is great.

After the installation I educate the customer and explain how the equipment works.  My goal is to make the customer feel comfortable and understand how important there investment is by taking care of the equipment.   Simple things can save you a service call and keep money in your pocket. For example insure your air filters are clean all the time. Make sure your outside exhaust air and fresh air intake are clear from obstructions. Have a well balanced air circulation to prevent furnace overheating and air conditioning freeze ups.
Why do I take the time to teach my customers these small but important factors, the answer is because I don't want the customer to spend unnecessary money for something they can easily do with my brand of equipment that I sell and install.  So what brands are the best, the brands that the customer can easily fix and service themselves saving them money. A brand that is consumer friendly and a brand that doesn't cost them a huge amount of money in repairs.

When it comes to accessories like media filters, humidifiers, digital thermostats I always sell and install what is important to have for comfort, and is reputable and reliable.

Ok let's mention cost.
Price is the key today that people look for but please, in today's world you pay for what you get.  If salesmen come to your door saying they can install a furnace for $1800 or air conditioner for $2000 stop and think?  How much did they pay for that equipment to sell it to you and install it for that price.  That's something you must think of and realize that professional salesmen want their commission so they will make it sound like you are getting the best deal possible.

In today’s energy consumption world knowing what type of equipment will save you money is very important.  When choosing a furnace you must look at the efficiency level I recommend 95 percent and above for good natural gas savings.  Also I recommend ECM blower motors.  An ECM motor runs on low voltage and are variable speed so they use much less power than a direct drive AC blower motor.

When it comes to furnaces you can select different models like a modulating furnace.  A modulating furnace maintains constant temperatures while delivering improved comfort, quieter operation, and reduced energy costs. All three of these items are extremely important for homeowners looking to invest in a premium furnace.

The 2-stage furnace, on the other hand, will operate in its low-fire stage during periods of mild weather (pushing less air through the ducts and less combustion gas through the flue), and automatically ramp up to its second high-fire stage during extremely colder weather. This will cause the home to experience fewer and much less severe temperature swings in the home, which will result in greater over-all comfort for you and energy savings.

Single-stage models feature a quiet, high-efficiency air circulating fan motor which operates at a fraction of the cost of traditional motors. As an added benefit, these motors can increase the overall efficiency of your complete heating and cooling system, saving you even more money with minimal investments.  Single stage furnaces with high output blowers with an ECM motor will quickly heat or cool your home, efficiency levels from 95 to 98 percent.
Regardless what model you choose its money in your pocket, saving you natural gas and hydro.

When choosing your Air Conditioner again there is cheap brands and good brands.  Choosing this investment for your home is important for reliability and peace of mind.  Today the Air Conditioning sector has changed for environmental and energy consumption reasons.  Discontinued Freon R-22 was used in older models and the new 410a, now used on all models.  It is important to understand that choosing the right A/C will save you money in hydro.  Having it properly sized accordingly to square footage of your home etc. What does Seers mean:
An air conditioner's SEER number refers to its energy efficiency rating (higher being more efficient). As of January 2006 the government (Canada and US?) ruled that any new air conditioners being manufactured must have a SEER rating of at least 13.

So choosing a good furnace and good A/C will save you a huge amount of money in gas and hydro that today is very important with constant energy cost increases on peak times.  You don't have to buy the best, buy what you can afford and make the right choice for you and your family.

I strongly believe that in order to succeed as company honesty is the most important thing.  Giving the customer their moneys worth and comfort and safety is what counts for me and knowing that they  are comfortable with their decision in what I am going to install for them is a good choice.

At Metro Heating & Air Conditioning we believe strongly in customer service and treat our customers as friends and a growing family.
Choosing the right company is important and choosing me you will feel comfortable and assured for I'm not only the owner but I'm the installer also.  We are a family run business fully licensed and take pride in the work and equipment we sell. My customers can vouch for me.